Vision & Ethos

Lifeline Nehemiah Projects


Although the project work started with Richard & Yeakah Cole some 21 years ago, we are proud to say that we still work towards the same vision with the same ethos that  they held.

“Using socio-economic activities to empower individuals and communities for nation building and sustainable development”

We aim to empower individuals and communities to prosper and become truly self-reliant. We have seen that this can be achieved through diverse ways for example engaging in positive and practical social enterprise; equipping farmers in rural communities with the tools and knowledge for a sustainable increase in productivity; a comprehensive approach to the education of young people; combining vocational training with life skills and business training.




The acronym STEADI describes our values and working ethos.


Serving the community

Be a beacon: Lead individuals to do good work by being examples of good work.

Listen more: Encourage participation from our stakeholders e.g. the communities we serve, beneficiaries, partners, funders and government.

Understand the needs of the communities we serve

Use bottom-top approach: Shaping our services to include the feedback from grass root communities.



Functioning as a unit: by having clearly defined roles and accountably supporting each other’s duties to achieve set goals.

Encouraging effective partnerships with third parties, stakeholders and other relevant entities



Be an example of excellence, in person and in practice

Whatever you do, do it well

Having quality in mind in working towards set goals

Tidiness: been clean and orderly in our service



Openness: deal openly

Accurate record keeping

Accurate reporting to our stakeholders: Producing accurate reports to community representatives, funders, partners and staff

Be answerable: being willing to give further detail to stakeholders when requested and help stakeholders deal with questions or interests

Taking responsibility, individually and collectively


Don’t turn a blind eye

Get involved in achieving our aims and objectives

Take ownership: own the vision

Confront issues, however uncomfortable

Never dismiss or allow misconduct: deal with issues promptly in line with our values



Be honest in all you do

Respect time: come to work on time and attend meetings on time

Ask if you don’t understand: don’t work in doubt

Be real in service (no pretence)

Do your best even when no one is watching.