Developing Business; Changing Communities; Building a Nation

Having operated for over two decades amidst a civil war and a host of other challenging socio economic conditions,  Lifeline Nehemiah Projects has a rich history of pioneering projects and initiatives throughout Sierra Leone.


Investing in Young People; Building a Nation
Young Offenders Program
As part of our partnership with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, we provide mentoring and education support (which includes formal and vocational training) to the young offenders at the Approved School Juvenile Centre. The trainees are allowed on day release from the Approved School, which is quite close to the projects to join the course.
Developing Business; Building a Nation
Social Enterprise
It is our hope that Lifeline Nehemiah Projects will be run solely through self-generated income. We feel very strongly that real development can only be achieved through sustainability. To meet this aim, the boys within the Nehemiah Home, under the guidance of the project leaders, operate several social enterprises. Currently the home operates transportation and entertainment enterprise; screening football matches. It is our ambition to expand these businesses and add new ones.
Changing Communities; Building a Nation
Agricultural Development
The organisation operates in some of the remote provinces and villages of Sierra Leone providing support to rural communities. The project aims to provide members of these communities with the tools, skills, knowledge and enterprise needed to farm their lands sustainably, providing not only food for subsistence, but to generate consistent income. Emphasis is not only placed on farming but on the importance of teaching relevant business skills to improve the prospects of long-term growth for the community.
Investing in Young People; Building a Nation
Lifeline Nehemiah Technical & Vocational Training
The Lifeline Nehemiah Technical & Vocational centre trains young people across different industries, suitable for immediate employment. Youth unemployment in Sierra Leone is at 800,000 and 80% of young people who are employed; earn less than $2 a day.
To Educate a Child is to Build a Nation
Lifeline Nehemiah Schools
As a response to the desperate need of over a 1000 displaced children (the result of the 6 January 1999 rebel invasion) living in the Approved School Camp, Lifeline Nehemiah Projects established its first school. A primary school was setup providing free education for over 700 children, mainly for those in the displaced persons’ camp near the school building both during and after the conflict. In a similar vein, in response to current educational needs across Sierra Leone, Lifeline Nehemiah Projects operates nursery, primary, and secondary education in some of the poorest communities in Sierra Leone.
Investing in Young People; Building a Nation
The Nehemiah Leadership Training Program
The initial purpose of the project was to provide a safe, secure and loving home for boys affected by the civil war. Many of these boys have had experiences in the conflict itself, some serving as child soldiers recruited by the rebels; as soldiers in local militia; or lost their families and communities int he conflict. From its creation to now, the Nehemiah project has had over 800 direct beneficiaries. The project is still dedicated to this purpose; to develop leaders in a caring environment.