Community Health


Training Health Workers

The initial task was to train a group of local people in a basic community health course. Thirteen individuals were taught for seven weeks not only about the prevention and treatment of common diseases, but also how health and illness is related to other aspects of community life. For example simple agriculture – how to grow healthy food for your family; sanitation – the importance of clean water supply and efficient waste disposal to prevent the spread of disease. One of the most effective means of communicating the message was through street drama. The students made up several amusing skits with various messages, and performed them around the village


Nine Community Clinics in operation

An important aspect of the course and the long-term planning of the clinic was the concept of ‘well baby clinics’. Students were taught how to weigh children, about child nutrition and how to advise parents about feeding their children a good diet. At the end of the course, some of the students were then helped to start well baby clinics at different locations around the village. At the end of the programme we had nine of these clinics being run on a monthly basis.


Training Traditional Birth Attendants (T.B.A.)

Recognizing the need for effective provision of maternity care, pregnant women were the other target group for the clinic. Many of the maternal and infant deaths in the area are preventable with good antenatal care and trained carers who understand hygienic practice and know which women to refer.  

As most babies in the area are delivered by T.B.As, we ran a T.B.A course in the Kuntorloh and surrounding communities to further equip these “midwives” and sustainably improve maternal care. This clinic will make a huge difference to the health and lives of the families of Kuntorloh.

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