Agricultural Project


Vocational training for 45 ex-combatants aged 16+. They were brought in daily from the local post-conflict camp housing thousands of ex-rebels. The boys were taught how to farm and produce a variety of crops including peppers, coffee, rice and cassava. Produce grown was used to feed the students and provide food for the rehabilitation project; the surplus was sold locally to help support the funding of the project.

Some of the  West Side Boys were amongst the students. (These were from the group who had previously abducted British soldiers). They were not RUF fighters but were set up around the January 1999 invasion of Freetown when the rebels opened the prison doors and freed all those in captivity – some of those prisoners went on to become the West Side boys. There were also students in the Project who were part of the group who had previously attacked and captured Richard Cole in Guinea.





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