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Thanksgiving Parade & Celebration

Sunday 16th February 2014 was a day of thanksgiving for LNP. This event saw staff, beneficiaries, parents and members of the Kuntorloh community come together for thanksgiving.
The Schools Manager, Leonard Kamara, in his remarks thanked all for gracing the occasion and reiterated the progress made this year. He highlighted the following things for which we are thankful:

  1. the rebranding and re-launch of LNP, formerly LWAIM;
  2. the infrastructural development which includes additional benches, construction of 2 more classrooms, improving the lightning of the classrooms by fitting transparent roofs, and the soon to be completed Betteh Tumara buildings;
  3. 42% increase in role has been experienced across all school departments;
  4. Improvement in the national Primary school exam results which saw Lifeline Nehemiah School mentioned on national radio and TV as having one of the highest number of passes in the East of Freetown.

He went further to recognise that though we had some pupils scoring high marks in the Basic Education Certificate Education (Year 9 national exams), however the average performance was less than expected, and steps are being taken to understand the reason for the poor performance. He reassured all present that we will do our best to understand the cause. We will not turn a blind eye.
This followed a parade, with brass bands and much celebration and thanksgiving.

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