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13th Annual Athletics Competition

On the 13th and 14th February 2014, LNP’s 13th Annual Inter-House Athletics Competition was held at the Approved School Field, Kuntorloh, Wellington.
The 13th was the heats followed by the main event on the 14th which was attended by over 2000 spectators including community chiefs, parents and past beneficiaries of LNP.
Prince Tommy Williams took the opportunity to share our values which are: Serving the Community, in Team, always pursuing Excellence and being Accountable to stakeholders, never [Don’t] turning a blind eye to issues or behaviours that are not in line with our values,  and working in Integrity (STEADI); and then proceeded to declare the event opened.
The houses are divided into the following colours and names (a tribute to people who have served Sierra Leone immensely through LNP): November House (BLUE); Richard Cole House (Green); Chief Kanu House (Red); and the Singleton House (Yellow).
The November House made history by winning the event for the first time, with a total point score of 388 in all events, narrowly pipping the Richard Cole House, which scored 387, into second place. The Singleton House came in 3rd with 369 point and Chief Kanu House came 4th with 291 points.

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