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Dear Friends,
As you may already be aware the Ebola Virus Disease is wreaking havoc in West Africa, particularly the Mano River Countries. Sierra Leone has being hit hard by the outbreak. If you would like to learn more about the virus, follow this link
To deal with the outbreak, the Government of Sierra Leone has declared a State of Emergency that comprises restrictive measures on movement and assembly. Consequently prices of essential commodities nationwide have increased by more than 300% in some cases, making living cost unaffordable for many.  Equally concerning is the deep fear for their lives in the population. Businesses across the countries have shut down, with restriction on some transport and a quarantine of two large districts, with a population of about 1.1 million people. The Minister of agriculture estimates that the crisis has caused the economy to deflate by 30%.
This is a particularly difficult time for Sierra Leone as although one of the poorest nations we have seen remarkable economic growth and increase in investors’ confidence in recent times. But in order to combat the outbreak, businesses and most of life in the country has been put on hold.
We recognise that combating this disease and the fear that comes with it requires collective action. For us at the Lifeline Nehemiah Projects, we have seized the following operations until further notice:
1. Nursery, Primary and Secondary School
2. Technical and  Vocational Training
3. Sports Entertainment Centre.

The decision to put these activities on hold though difficult, we feel is prudent and a vital tool in defeating the Ebola Virus. We have also engaged in sensitising small community groups we are already involved with.
In the midst of this chaos, we remain committed to our calling to serve and rebuild Sierra Leone. At the centre of our activities is the desire to equip individuals and communities to become sustainable, economically and socially. To this end, in the immediate term, we continue to work towards combating the Ebola Virus. We are convinced that combating this virus requires a collective approach.
Please hold us in your thoughts and prayers.
The Lifeline Nehemiah Team.

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