The Nehemiah Project

National Primary School Exams

National Primary School Exam results

The Sierra Leone National Primary School Exam results were recently released, and the Lifeline Nehemiah Primary School are pleased to announce that over 80% of our students passed the exam. The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) has reported that the Lifeline Nehemiah Primary School is one of the best schools in East Freetown, citing the examination results.
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Lifeline Nehemiah Technical Vocational Institute

Betteh Tumara Project

News from Lifeline Nehemiah Technical Vocational Institute
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Lifeline Nehemiah Project Launch

Project Launch December 2013

We re-launched Lifeline Nehemiah Projects (LNP) on 15th January 2014. The event was well organised and attended by over 1000 beneficiaries and local stakeholders which highlights how well this work is regarded. The re-launch was an important public declaration that the vision which gave birth to LNP was still alive and well. It was also an opportunity to re-state the vision and purpose of LNP.
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Inter Sports Day

13th Annual Athletics Competition

On the 13th and 14th February 2014, LNP’s 13th Annual Inter-House Athletics Competition was held at the Approved School Field, Kuntorloh, Wellington.The 13th was the heats followed by the main event on the 14th which was attended by over 2000 spectators including community chiefs, parents and past beneficiaries of LNP.Prince Tommy Williams took the opportunity to share our values which are: Serving the Community, in Team, always pursuing Excellence and being Accountable to stakeholders,…
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Thanksgiving & Parade

Thanksgiving Parade & Celebration

Sunday 16th February 2014 was a day of thanksgiving for LNP. This event saw staff, beneficiaries, parents and members of the Kuntorloh community come together for thanksgiving.The Schools Manager, Leonard Kamara, in his remarks thanked all for gracing the occasion and reiterated the progress made this year. He highlighted the following things for which we are thankful:
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Football Friendly

Nehemiah Boys v Approved School Juvenile Inmates

Lifeline Nehemiah Projects (LNP) provides educational, mentoring and other support for the inmates Approved School Juvenile Prison (APS) as part of our ongoing investment in young people to rebuild Sierra Leone. On 29 March 2014 the Nehemiah Boys of LNP visited the APS for a friendly football match between the inmates and the Nehemiah Boys. The match drew supporters from both sides. Before the match, Prince Tommy Williams (LNP’s Deputy Director) challenged the young people on both sides…
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Campaign Against Teenage Pregnancy

Accepting their vital role within their own communities LifeLine Nehemiah Junior Secondary School (JSS) pupils were involved in a community sensitization campaign against teenage pregnancy and early age sexual activity. The campaign involved a parade through the community, with our JSS pupils carrying placards. The campaign and march were organised by Save The Children.
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Campaign for Better Waste Management

LNP has been running a campaign to raise awareness within the school community on how to properly dispose their waste,thereby keeping the facilities clean. As part of the campaign, bins were provided at strategic locations in the compound and we are delighted to be able to say that this has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the amount of litter being dropped randomly around the site.
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Betteh Tumara Technical & Vocational Training Institute

We are delighted to tell you that 16 more of our BT Trainees have now started their internships in different locations around Freetown. Four more Electrical Department trainees have been accepted by Sierra Construction Systems Limited (SCS). SCS has established itself as one of the the leaders in civil construction services in Sierra Leone, so we are excited for our trainees to be gaining valuable work experience with one of the nation's leading industrial companies. A further 12  Electrical De…
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Tailoring School

Although tailoring was popular among the women of the community during the Disarmament, Demobilization & Reintegration (DDR) period, there was not a particular focus on it during the set up of the the Betteh Tumara vocational training.  However with the return of Mr Abdul George Buannie, the former tailor/trainer,  a new tailor shop has not only attracted some business but also some trainees. Mr Abdul currently has three trainees from the community! We welcome Mr Abdul back to the team.
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