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Mudslide Relief Fund

The devastating mudslide in Regent, west of Freetown, Sierra Leone has resulted in a death toll of over 300 with over 600 still missing. The mudslide has also led to the significant risk of a cholera outbreak, resulting from contaminated water. At this stage it impossible to know the full scale or lasting effects of what has happened, however Lifeline Nehemiah Project is committed to responding to the crisis in the short, mid and long term.


We’ve deployed staff to the affected areas to fully assess the situation and determine the support that is needed. In the short-term this will mean making sure that survivors have shelter, clothes, food and water. Also, we’ll attend to the supervision and care of children who have been orphaned or stranded by this tragedy. As a smaller organisation with strong local knowledge, we are able to respond quickly and appropriately to the situation, bypassing many of challenges that larger agencies face.


In the mid-term we will be working with the community to reconnect children and young people with their families. Experience tells us that this can take anywhere from days to months. We want these children to get home to their communities and families, but we are committed to looking after them for as long as it takes. We’re also going to provide a Re-Start package of clothes, toys, school books, a mattress and bedding to children once they are rehomed.


In the long-term we are committed to providing educational support for children who’ve been orphaned. Sadly, children who are rehomed with extended family can often suffer the risk of being deprived of their education. We want to reduce this risk and ease the financial pressure on these families. As such, we will support children we rehome with relatives by meeting the cost of their education which includes school fees, uniforms, books and exams.


We are an organisation who passionately believes in giving children and young people a secure and optimistic future. For this we need regular support from our donors . We don’t have a large HQ, media team or even a dedicated fundraising department. We are a small, passionate team who are all hands on carers, teachers and volunteers. The money we raise goes to where it is needed.


We understand that you may not be able to commit to regular giving. We appreciate whatever you can give now. These donations will be used for the short term response and the Re-Start Packs for kids when they are rehomed. If you can commit to regular giving, you’ll make sure we can offer the children we care for a secure future through education.


  • For around the cost of 3 Starbucks coffees a week (£10, €11 or $13) you can provide all the needs of a child while in interim care.


  • For less than the cost of 2 Starbucks coffees a week (£5, €5.50 or $6.5) you can guarantee the education of a child who has lost everything.


We only encourage you to give if you are satisfied  that we meet your standards of an organisation you can trust.

With heartfelt thanks,


Lifeline Nehemiah Project










Betteh Tumara Punduru


The ‘Betteh Tumara Punduru’ project seeks to capacity build farmers in rural Sierra Leone, equipping them with the tools & knowledge they need to increase their productivity, yield & access to markets

Developed in partnership with Lifeline Nehemiah Projects in Sierra Leone, the Big Lottery Fund has donated 93.5% of the total project cost; £525,745. We need to raise the remaining 6.5% = £34,248.

The project aims to support local farmers to increase the quality and quantity of their yield, secure a better price for their crops and increase productivity and profits. Through collaboration, landowners and unemployed young people will be supported to effectively and equally farm the available land using sustainable farming methods.


Literacy, numeracy, life skills and business skills training combined with access to micro-finance and promotion of the human and legal rights of women, young people and people with disabilities will lead to improved opportunities for personal, social and economic development.


Having been working on this project since 2012, we are so close to reaching our target! Your donation would enable us to support farmers to break free from the shackles of perpetual poverty.